Poor Signage is Hurting Your Business and What You Can Do to Improve It

Could poor signage be hurting your business? There is strong research to show the link between signage and store foot traffic (for sign statistic(s) read this blog post – Getting People in the Door: 3 signage statistics that could change your business). Here are some of the common sign offenders and recommended fixes to help improve in-store traffic.


PROBLEM: I didn’t know you were here!

In our fast pace, mobile society, visibility is key when it comes to your brick and mortar signage.

“Roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about 10%.” (UC*) 


Signs should be in optimal locations for vehicular traffic. The designs should be simple and bold to quickly and clearly deliver messages.


PROBLEM: Are they open?

We have all encountered stores that we questioned if they were open because of poorly maintained, out of date, or dimly lit signage.

“Over 50% of survey respondents indicated that poor signage (e.g., poor quality, misspelled words) deters them from entering a place of business.” (FedEx*)


Remember that exterior signage is your business’ first impression with your customers. Make sure that it is conveying a message of quality. Keep the themes current on semi permanent campaign signs and maintain classic designs for permanent signage. 


PROBLEM: What does that say?

In this digital age we have access to millions of font faces, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

“Legibility was chosen by both consumers and businesses as the most important characteristic of signs.” (UC*)


Use San Serif fonts, like Helvetica, Arial, and Frutiger, for optimal visibility from far away. San Serif fonts are fonts without extra frills, it literally means without serifs- small lines at the end of each character.

Work with Vivid’s creative team to develop custom signs that capture your audience and grow your in store traffic.