10 Creative Influencers to Follow

We’ve put our “Brilliant Stamp of Approval” on 10 Social Media Influencers in the categories of Designers, Artists and Makers

1. @RachelRyle

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Designing a Reason to Smile”

If adorably creative stop motion videos and stunningly beautiful travel postcards are your thing, check out award winning illustrator and animator, Rachel Ryle. Her fantastic attention to detail, meticulous artistry and love for travel combine in the most quirky and captivating Instagram posts. Her work has captured the hearts of 1 million followers including the support of Starbucks, Buzzfeed and MTV (to name a mere few). Rachel’s motto – “Make Something & Grow.”


2. @OftenSeenRarelySpoken

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Local Artist to Follow”

Louisville and Cincinnati-based artist collective, Often Seen Rarely Spoken, shows us how to make a city come to life. Their portfolio of edgy, vibrant and visually striking street art and murals communicates both soul and hard work. They offer clients an opportunity to paint the city in new and meaningful ways, and for social media followers to feel the energy of the local urban landscape.


3. @MakersAndAllies

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Creatively-Crafted and Beautifully-Brewed”

In the spirit of honoring, well…spirits, we take a look at some of the most artistic wine, beer and spirits design in the country. With such a visually stunning and detail-driven portfolio, it’s no wonder Makers and Allies hosting a party of 13.8K followers. Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, this award-winning branding studio celebrates the culture of brilliant design, pure craftsmanship, and artistic camaraderie.


4. @WhittleWoodShop

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “When You Wish Upon Design” 

All the followers sing praise, and the influencers croon…in the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room. Whether you’re a fan of Disney or can at least undeniably appreciate the artists that bring their brand to life, check out Jeremy Spears. The award-winning story artist, illustrator, wood carver (ok, creative genius) shares his fantastic array of artistry and remarkable “Disney moments” with the world.

Check out more brilliant designs and inspiration at @VividImpactLou>

5. @SebLester

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Perfection in Typography”

If fonts could talk, they would have more than a few things to say about the talents of Seb Lester. Do yourself a favor and watch in awe as he recreates some of the world’s best-known logos on social media. The Britain-based master of calligraphy, typeface and logo design, will wow (and possibly hypnotize you) with his creative video posts. His high-profile clientele includes the likes of NASA, the 2010 Winter Olympics, Nike and Intel. A quote from Seb Lester featured on his website sums up his dedication to typography – “I find the Latin alphabet to be one of mankind’s most beautiful and profound creations.”


6. @TheBeastIsBack

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Most Playful Illustrations”

With a client list including the likes of Target, Hasbro, Disney Parks, Nickelodeon, Wendy’s, and Electronic Arts, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator Chris Lee shows us that you don’t have to “grow up” to find success. His playful and intricate illustrations, and love for collecting toys provides fans a mix of nostalgia and pure spirit. Lee’s website blog also provides advice and expertise to those who love doodling and creating as much as he does. Check him out on social media, at WonderCon, or possibly the signage at your local Target!


7. @1010zzz

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Stop-and-Stare Street Art”

If you try to search for 1010zzz (pronounced tenten) on the internet, it may take some time to locate his actual website – and once you reach it, you will immediately be redirected back to social media. It’s almost as quizzical as falling down the rabbit hole within one of his murals. One of the most renowned urban artists in Germany, his stunning work demands the mind to wonder and the eyes to gaze into an illusion of patterns and colors. So stare into the Abyss of 1010’s imagination, and be mesmerized by pure artistry and technique.


8. @3DBrooklyn

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Dimensionally Creative Designs”

Crisp design and engineering, meet the world of tangible objects. Who knew creating 3D printed household objects could be so practical, and aesthetically pleasing? 3D Brooklyn creates affordable pieces that make sense in your daily life. Planters, watches, sunglasses, storage containers, carabiners, bottle openers, drones…the list continues. What makes the world of 3D printing so intriguing, is the ability to print an object of your own creation – and this Brooklyn-based team has found a quirky and palpable way of introducing these products to the world.


9. @LadyFingersLetterPress

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Designs with One-Lines”

Would you have guessed that letterpress printing could be a perfect channel for humorous one-liners and sometimes politically-charged messaging? Greeting cards and paper goods covered in witticisms and artfully imaginative graphics make Lady Fingers Letter Press an inspired spot for one-of-a-kind stationary. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, the company has been featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings and The Huffington Post. If “sorta funny, I guess” humor is up your alley, check out their hand-lettered masterpieces on Instagram.


10. @Floppy_Kat

Brilliant Stamp of Approval for “Abstract Irony”

Have you ever tried to drink from a two-fluted champagne glass, or worn peep-toe rain boots in a torrential downpour? Katerina Kamprani’s talent is creating a world of deliberately inconvenient objects. The Greek artist may not have as may followers as a typical influencer, but her puzzling creations will have you asking – why not? “Useless” objects allow social media followers to contemplate the reason behind the design of everyday products. Perhaps she wants the world to appreciate the simple designs that allow us to live our daily life, or maybe she really loves bringing to life the unexpected.

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