Convenient Solutions: Providing Ease, Efficiency and Quality to our C-Store Customers

“The C-Store challenge is ‘how do we get people from the pump into the store?'” -Justin Prather, Senior Account Executive, Vivid Impact

Convenience Stores help people live their lives more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time finding what they need along their daily routes and life’s road trips. For C-Stores to communicate effectively with people, they need countless forms of signage and promotional materials that change throughout the year. Producing these materials can be a tough journey to navigate – that’s why Vivid Impact has created a process solution unique to c-store communications.

The Vivid Impact C-Store Process:

Vivid Account Executives meet and discuss the unique needs with each C-Store customer.

Creative Design – Our C-Store Creative Team collaborates with the client to design the individual components of each campaign.
Production/Printing – Each piece is manufactured and produced in house to meet our highest quality standards.
Fulfillment – Our Fulfillment Team kits and ships out products specific to each customer store profile.
Simple Re-ordering, Kit Management and Reporting – With digital tools like Vivid Impact’s Campaign Manager clients can easily manage the needs of numerous stores, watch for positive or negative trends and re-order materials in real time.

Learn more about our proprietary software, Campaign Manager.

 “Vivid really helps because I can just give them a project, and tell them the general scope, and because they know our brand so well and really understand the partners they work with, they bring back a design that we love. It goes directly into printing and coordinating all the shipping and it’s shipped right out from there. Then they have inventory too, so it really takes care of every part of the promotional process and signage process so that we don’t have to keep any of it here.” -Melody McCarthy, EnMarket

The Kits Keep on Coming

The high demand for new seasonal kits, reprinted campaigns, and effective marketing materials traditionally require heavy project management time on the client end. The Vivid Impact one-stop-shop method ensures that C-Store campaigns are managed efficiently and to the highest quality standards from design concepts to production, all the way to shipping fulfilled items. Our process solutions and internal retail team greatly relieve client project management hours.  

“With the large team that we have, we can meet the quick turnaround times that C-Store and retail kits need.” -Marc Finkbiner, Creative Director, Vivid Impact

Why is this Process Linked to High Customer Satisfaction?

The Vivid C-Store kit process offers customers a team of specialists with deep knowledge of the C-Store industry that understand both design and manufacturing components. Niche experts can provide insight on new ways to install printed items, and the best ways to produce even the most complex kits.

“The biggest advantage is that a lot of times you have these agencies that have no idea how things are getting produced. They’ll produce a pretty item, but they have no idea how it’s being manufactured. All of our team has the manufacturing background, so they know hey we can create this, but also we can produce this and produce it efficiently.” -Justin Prather, Senior Account Executive, Vivid Impact

Beyond production, offering a place to store and manage inventory provides a unique advantage to customers. From larger convenience store giants to smaller-scale local retailers, Vivid Impact houses signage and promotional materials on site, then boxes and ships items quickly based on customer needs.

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“I couldn’t put into words what the value is for that, because you don’t have to hire a graphic designer, you don’t have to hold inventory – no one is wasting their time managing that – I mean, I love it” -Melody McCarthy, Enmarket

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