Spirited Solutions: Turning “tears” into “cheers” for spirits industry marketers

Today, the abundance of information, places to make [alcohol] purchases and variety of products available are making it increasingly challenging to stay ahead on the retail front.” (

While the distilling process may take years and years, the spirits industry is changing at a rapid pace. From millennials to drinkstagrammers, to loyal customers looking for change, alcohol and spirits retailers have their fair share of challenges. Vivid Impact’s recipe for success: a combination of creativity, world-class tech and superior visual communications materials. 

 “With consumers drawing from an increasingly varied repertoire of drinks choices across different venues and occasions, key spirits suppliers have been ramping up their innovation activity,” (

Retailers are expanding brands, flavors, packaging and messaging in rapid numbers to appeal to the latest consumer desires: authenticity (in production, ingredients and storytelling), heritage, health and wellness and sustainability. With the emergence of these products comes an overabundance of choices for consumers.

In an article from Fortune, Eric Vallat, global CEO of Rémy Martin states, “‘If you look at the 90s, people were looking for a nice logo. Then, there was a search for authenticity, which is why craft is booming.’ But that’s no longer enough: ‘Millennials want even more. They don’t just want brands that have a nice product.’”

A beautiful logo and solid ad campaign can no longer hold the weight of liquor brand’s success, so marketers must rely on creative capital for brand differentiation – brilliant ideas, multi-dimensional designs and visually-striking or intriguing displays. These types of ultra-creative strategies command attention and break through the clutter in today’s retail space.

The solution: Placing an emphasis on creative concepts and custom designs for packaging, signage and displays

With a deep knowledge and understanding of the spirits industry, the Vivid Creative Department, and Structural Design team work closely with clients to develop campaigns centered around visual impact and sales. Click here to read a case study on one of their spirits successes.

VIC Solution Teams: Creative & Structural Design

 “The design and technology teams here at Vivid Impact are well versed in the adult beverage industry. From a complex value-added package to the re-purposing of existing assets, we take campaigns from conception to production. Whether the project involves creative design, structural displays, packaging, digital asset management or fulfillment, there’s no easier one-stop-shop to work with than Vivid Impact” -Brendan Kennedy, Graphic Artist/Art Director, Vivid Impact

Newer audience demographics also drive marketing tactics – social media influencers, digital channels, as well as eCommerce and subscription sites leave even the most loyal customers looking for “the next new thing.”

“A new generation of ‘drinkstagrammers’ have emerged, bringing a fresh vibrancy to cocktail making and reaching an audience that might never have been involved before…it challenges seasoned bartenders to think outside the bar and push themselves creatively,” (

Increased options and line extensions that cater to this “need for new” bring on the necessity for a continuous mix of exciting packaging, stand-out displays and cutting-edge menus. Managing the mix of promotional products can become overwhelming. Using technology and intuitive software allows marketers to remain in control, and share their latest and greatest with their team on a constant basis. 

The solution: Improving campaign collaboration, organization and promotional material orders with VIC technology

The Vivid technology department collaborates with customers to improve their organization, visibility and accessibility of promotional materials to their sales teams and brand ambassadors. Proprietary software developed at Vivid, such as Digital Storefront and Menu Builder, offer a variety of methods to build customized products.

VIC Solution Team: Technology

Consumer perception of liquor brands is affected by both shopping and sipping experiences. Deirdre Mahlan, President of Diageo North America comments The way that people engage and socialize is changing, so we need to make sure we think about how our brands show up in social media and restaurants,” (Fortune).

Traditionally, the article explains, categories of alcohol (i.e. vodkas, cognacs, etc.) were the main focus of marketing plans. In the past few years, major liquor distributors like Diageo and Pernod Ricard have changed their branding strategy to center around experiential tiers such as “hanging out” or “high-end drinks.” This allows consumers to connect to or feel a sense of authenticity around their drinking experience, and their purchase decision.

This new method requires a different approach to producing promotional materials and menus. Consistent speed-to-market and intuitive technology are essential to successful brand activation and improved sales.

The solution: Increased speed-to-market of materials with Vivid’s array of capabilities including design and on-demand production

To best serve this intricate industry, Vivid Impact offers an array of services and departments all under one roof. From conception to completion, the one-stop-shop approach delivers brilliant work and finished materials to spirits marketers. Read more about selecting the right one-stop vendor.

VIC Solution Teams: 
Creative, Technology, Production, Sales, Customer Service

“Our expertise with the spirits industry for in-house design, structural engineering, prototyping and digital printing and finishing capabilities all contained here helps us move faster and easier so we can provide quality products quickly. We take the worry out of your work.” -Earl Shiring, Account Executive, Vivid Impact

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