Client Success: Quantitative Results with Digital Storefront

By improving turnaround time, internal processing time and maintaining brand standards with Digital Storefront, Appriss Safety can focus on what they do best – keeping citizens safe and informed.


Appriss Safety is a technology and data-based company that develops platforms for person-based incarceration, justice and risk intelligence. Appriss Safety approached Vivid Impact looking for a more efficient, less time-intensive way for their VINE (Victim Identification and Notification Everyday) state agency customers to order their needed print materials, while still maintaining brand consistency and compliance.

Working closely with our Sales and Technology Teams, Appriss Safety developed a customized print store to meet these needs. 

“The print store [Digital Storefront] offers a more automated, more efficient process to order print materials. Our invoices have been reduced by 80%, allowing less time for internal paperwork and processing,” says Whitney Reddington, Event Manager at Appriss Safety.


Maintaining brand standards and compliance across high quantities of marketing projects can be cumbersome. For many companies like Appriss Safety, regulatory information can mean much larger issues if not kept in pristine check across each collateral piece.

“In a typical week, we use the VINE Digital Print Store to help our customers place print orders, as well as upload previously approved materials (past print items) for order,” Whitney explains. “We average around five state orders in a month.”

As Appriss Safety has experienced, with the ability to control the print offerings available through Digital Storefront, there is no question that each document printed is compliant and approved for distribution.


Clients can experience significant changes and improvements to their internal processes with the use of Vivid technology platforms like Digital Storefront.

“We enjoy the ease of ordering, shortened turn-around time, and centralized billing provided by the print store and Vivid Impact. In particular, the store has the ability to reduce turnaround time by 50%,” says Whitney.

Appriss Safety also found positive results in working with the Vivid Creative and Structural Engineering teams to complete print projects. Tasks that might otherwise take significant time to complete in house, such as resizing or editing existing collateral design, are quickly and efficiently completed and uploaded to Digital Storefront.

“We have found they work quickly and deliberately,” Whitney explains. “Turnaround time of uploading documents to the store or addressing concerns is typically within 24 hours.”


Many clients are looking for tools to streamline their project management processes. Digital Storefront is easy-to-use, and centralizes artwork and print project management.

By providing a central location to house files for download and print, and utilizing Vivid’s One-Stop Shop to design, print and fulfill these projects, our customers have seen quantitative results and can:

  • Design, print and download artwork files
  • Manage both static and variable signage, collateral and other project types
  • Maintain brand standards and compliance
  • Order, re-order and track projects and campaigns
  • Save time and money

The easy-to-use Digital Storefront process:

Hear it from Vivid customers like Whitney Reddington at Appriss Safety:

“The Vivid Impact team has been great to work with. They go above and beyond to work with us on our needs while keeping in mind the brand standards we must uphold, our dedication to our customers, and the ease of use for our own internal team.”

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