Transformative Print Technology: Introducing the HPIndigo12000!

At Vivid Impact, our focus on technology and innovation allows us to pursue excellence while providing infinite value to customers. With digital printing technology trends on the rise, Vivid understands the vital need for an upgrade to our on-demand printing capabilities.

Our long-standing relationship with HP Printers has helped us to make cutting-edge changes to our printing equipment and print service offerings over the years, and we are happy to partner with them on our latest state-of-the-art advancement.

Meet our newest digital on-demand press – the HPIndigo12000. This massive 20’x29’ press is transforming digital print capabilities for our customers in terms of speed, quality and variety of print options.


What makes the HPIndigo12000 such a remarkable addition to our press room?

The HPIndigo12000 Difference

1. Liquid ElectroPhotography (LEP) Ink

What is LEP Ink, and what does it mean for printed materials?

LEP Ink is highly versatile and efficient. ElectroInk particles are electrically chargeable to the printer image plate, resulting in:

  • Higher-resolution images
  • Unique spot colors unlike any other digital printing technology

2. Thermal Offset Transfer

What is Thermal Offset Transfer, and how does it affect printed projects?

Thin ink layers replicate the media or substrate’s look and feel, and wont be affected by drying processes. This maintains the special characteristics of each unique media. For printed projects, this means:

  • Digital printing with an offset-press look and feel
  • Saves time for shorter print runs without reducing quality

3. Direct Contact Transfer

What is Direct Contact Transfer, and what can it provide to customers?

In other digital printing technologies, quality is affected by speed – the faster the process, the lower the quality. This ink is transferred mechanically and not through air. The ink maintains physical contact at each step of the print process, which means:

  • High speed and high quality are always controlled
  • Virtually any media substrate can be used with this printer including: coated and uncoated papers, synthetic media, adhesives, metallics, canvases and more!

We are thrilled to introduce this printer to all of our clients, and we look forward to creating outstanding projects with you in the near future. Talk to a member of our Sales Team today about printing on our new HPIndigo12000!