CASE STUDY: Turning Around a Project Affected by Supply-Chain Strains
Korbel Make-It-Gold Holiday Display Construction

Brown-Forman approached Vivid with a need for an in-store holiday display for their Korbel brand. The original project had been produced for the account by a vendor overseas. However, given supply-chain issues and international shipping costs, the project’s release date for US stores was significantly delayed.

THE DESIGN:                  
In collaboration with Brown-Forman, the Vivid team developed the Make it Gold Korbel point-of-purchase display. Vivid created the display with participation from various departments including local suppliers, structural engineering, sales and customer service.

Once the piece was approved and ready for production, it was quickly turned over to wide format printing, fulfillment and shipping to ensure the tight timeline was met.

“The client requested an option to replace the metal display that was not going to be in on time for the due date. Rich and I worked on a corrugated display that was able to meet the requirements necessary to match the previous version and meet the deadline. We created a slim box design that interlocks with each other and would be easy to assemble at retail locations. After a few sample trials, our Creative Team put together a cool, gold-color graphic and copy to complete the unit and make it pop.”

Allen Cook, Structural Engineer, Vivid Impact

THE WIN:                         
Vivid was able to “say yes” create the display, and turn it around with a sense of urgency, a fair price, and better quality. Brown-Forman was extremely pleased with the outcome – not only did the design exceed their expectations, but all in-market dates were met.